Why Garage Door Maintenance Is Necessary

It’s no question that keeping your home protected is an absolute must.  You want to feel safe during the day and night, and you want to trust that locked and closed doors will keep potential harmful activities out of your house.

Your garage door is the largest door in the home that is responsible for securing everything inside.  That’s why it’s so important to keep the garage door properly maintained throughout the year.  With the sponsorship of local towing companies in San Jose, we’ve put together a short list of reasons for maintaining your garage door.  If you happen to need San Jose towing services, then consider a local company for your needs!

Without further ado, here are a few reasons to maintain your garage.

Protect Your Home

It should be obvious by now that a properly working garage is an absolute must in order to protect important valuable inside your garage and home.  Not having regular maintenance to your garage door can lead to further damages that may cause areas that are susceptible for intruders to enter, or other critters that come from the streets.

Prolong the Door’s Life

Maintaining the garage door will help prolong its lifespan.  Most garages that get daily use will last anywhere between 15-20 years.  You can add a few extra years to this lifespan if you continue to make repairs as soon as signs of cracks and damages are shown.  Making maintenance checks to your garage can be the most cost effective decision that you make.

Improve the Curb Appeal

The garage door has become the new front door of the house.  It’s typically the first thing people see from the streets, which means its your home’s first impression.  Having a garage door that is fully functional and looking great means that the curb appeal of your home will increase.  Keep the value of your home going up by making the necessary repairs to the garage.

Like we said, this is a short list.  We weren’t going to lie to you and tell you that we put together a few reasons for maintaining your garage, and then hit you with a novel.  If you want to listen to our reasons for maintaining your garage, then that’s great! If you plan on ignoring everything we discussed, then you’ll probably have horrible experiences with your garage.

The choice is yours.


Common Garage Door Repairs

garage door repairsDIY Garage Door Repairs

Having a working garage door is a must for any homeowner, which makes garage door repairs vital in making sure it’s working correctly.

There are several projects that homeowners can do themselves to make sure that their garage door works like it should over a long period of time.

Of course you may have a garage door repair San Jose that may require a local professional repairman to complete the job, but for the most part, these are do-it-yourself projects that homeowners should apply to their garage doors frequently.

Adjusting Wheels & Tracks

One thing every homeowner can do is make adjustments to the wheels and the tracks for their garage door.  This might be necessary if the garage door doesn’t open and close as smooth as it should.  The first thing you can do is take your electric drill and screw the brackets and hinges down a little bit tighter along the tracks.  These can loosen over a period of time which makes for a bumpy ride for the garage door.   Tightening the wheels will also help this as the wheels will run more efficiently once they are tightened.

Grease The Tracks

This is not necessarily repairs, but more like maintenance.  Greasing the tracks can be done once a month to keep your garage door track and wheels working without that loud annoying noises. Hinges and wheels can become loose with a lot of use from the garage door opening and closing.  If you never want to hear that annoying sound again, spray some WD40 along the tracks and on the wheels of the garage door.

Garage Opener

Garage openers do not last a lifetime, which means most homeowners are going to have to make repairs at some point.  These repairs might be from replacing batteries to getting a new garage door opener all together.  One way to troubleshoot a malfunctioning garage door opener is to try opening your garage on all of your devices.  If the garage door opens or closes on some devices, but not all, then it’s time to start making repairs to those garage door openers that wont work.  However, if your garage door does not respond to any device that opens or closes the door, then you need to look at the opener in the middle of your garage.

Broken Springs

If your garage door isn’t opening and closing correctly, it could be do to broken springs that are located at the top of the garage.  These torsion springs are what make the garage door open and close by coiling and uncoiling as the garage opens and closes.  Sometimes these springs can get overly rusted which can make them inefficient.  In a worst case scenario, they are extremely damaged and could snap off the garage door at an unpredictable time.  If your garage door springs look like they could use some serious repairs, then it’s best to contact a local garage door company to come and look at it.

Check The Eye Laser

This is more like a garage door cleaning.  In every garage door there is a sensor that is located about 6 inches off the ground on both sides of the door.  These sensors shoot a laser from one side to the other checking to see if the path is clear for the garage door to open and close.   Sometimes, these sensors can get extremely dirty and will affect the path of the sensor.  It’s best to clean these when your garage door stops opening and closing, as there could be some dirt, mud, or even cob webs that prevent the sensor from shooting the laser in a clean path to the other side.

Types of Garage Doors

Types of Garage Doors

The architecture and style of garage doors have drastically improved over the last ten years.

There was a time when garage doors were a basic fixture on homes.  There was no reason to spend extra money on getting something that stands out.

Times have changed for garage manufacturers and architects, as there has been growing interest in the style of garage door that gets installed.  When installing a garage door, you can now find any type of garage door to fit the style of your house.  This is important as the garage door is one of the first things people see when looking at a home.

If you are in the market for a new garage door then you’ll have to check out some of these types of garage doors before making a decision.  Each style is different and has it’s benefits depending on what you are in the market for.  If you have a family with kids, then you might want something that durable and can withstand things bouncing off the doors.  However, the best place to start is to look at the style of home that you own and match it to doors that will fit that style.

Here are a few of the most commonly installed garage doors:

Fiberglass Doors

Fiberglass doors are perfect for any home as they are safe and durable.  They are extremely difficult to crack or dent as they are made from two layers of fiberglass which is bounded to a steel frame.  They will last you a long time as they don’t break on impact or rust due to weathering.

Vinyl Doors

Similar to fiberglass doors, vinyl doors are as safe as they come because they also don’t crack, dent, or break upon impact.  Although these doors are made from vinyl, they look very similar to fiberglass doors.  These doors are perfect for people who are looking for low maintenance garage doors and dread having to make garage door repairs.

Wood Doors

You probably guessed it, wood doors are made from wood! To prevent warping overtime, these wood doors are built in layers which allows for a sturdy door that should last years.  Wood doors are typically painted or stained during manufacturing, but can also be done on site as well.  Wood doors also do better in warmer climates throughout the year, as cold and rain can wear on the color and condition of the garage door

Aluminum Doors

Aluminum doors are some of the most popular garage doors that are installed.  This is most likely because of the amount of options you have to choose from in terms of color and size.  The one big complaint about aluminum garage doors is how easily they rust and how damaged they can get.   It won’t take much to put a dent in an aluminum garage door, and with a little rain or moisture you can expect some rusting to occur overtime


You’ll want to take your time in the garage installation process.  Be thorough in your shopping and make sure that you love the style you decide because garage doors typically outlast their owners.  Knowing the different type of garage doors can make a difference for a family needing durability, or empty-nesters looking for something more expensive and aesthetically pleasing.

Reasons to Avoid DIY Garage Door Installation

Someone said that the America spirit is all about independence and freedom. People across the country have developed the art of rolling up their sleeves and do the hard work themselves.

According to most Americans, this is usually a rewarding and satisfying experience that allows them to save money. Chances are that you also feel proud of your do-it-yourself capabilities and that’s why you think you can install that garage door yourself.

We always have reasons to justify our actions every other time we take things into our own hands. While this is a common phenomenon, there are times when we must admit that we need professional help.

There are many projects that you can safely do and accomplish on your own. However, garage door installation is not one of those tasks. Here are reasons why you must avoid installing garage doors by yourself.

Garage Door Installation is a Dangerous Project

Most homeowners end up enlisting garage door services when they’ve already injured themselves or made serious mistakes when installing or repairing garage doors. You don’t have to go that way. Garage doors are heavy accessories that weigh more than a hundred pounds and can easily result in serious injury.

Garage Door Installation and Repair Requires Special Tools

Whether you’re dealing with garage door repairs or need to install a new door, understand that the process requires special tools and equipment which you couldn’t be having. Installing a garage door requires equipment such as a counterbalance spring system, without which you cannot get it right.

This is a task that needs specialized training and experience in handling the different parts and components of a garage door. Without this training, installing a garage door can be extremely dangerous as already mentioned. Don’t try to adjust a garage door or install one when you know very well that you’re not an expert.

There are Many Different Parts

Your garage door can only work and operate safely and properly if all the components and parts are installed well and working smoothly with each other. Each part must be placed at its proper location to ensure everything works smoothly. The slightest mistake can either cause serious injury or stop the door from operating as it should. You must also use the right type of component when installing a garage door.

The fact that you don’t have proper training and experience in this type of work means you’re most likely to use parts that are incompatible. You can avoid all these mistakes and complications by letting the work be done by a licensed professional.